Black Arrow Presents: Hip-Hop Photographer Mel D. Cole Goes to Rome (Featuring Justin Kluivert)

Black Arrow officially kicks off the black soccer movement with this stunning 12-minute mini-doc 

Premiered by Travel Noire

Rome, Italy - August, 19th 2019 - Black Arrow, a lifestyle brand focused on the intersection of soccer and black culture, and AS Roma, legendary Italian football club, are releasing a mini-documentary featuring the story of famous Hip-Hop photographer Mel D. Cole and his journey to capture his first international soccer match. This mini-doc follows the story of how Mel fell in love with photography back in the day - starting with when he brought a disposable camera to a Common show at SOB’s in New York City - and tracks his successful career shooting the likes of Drake, Kendrick, Mac Miller, and The Roots. Dutch sensation Justin Kluivert invites Black Arrow into his home for an exclusive interview!

From photographing Drake, Kendrick, Common and Questlove to shooting Italian football club AS Roma, this mini-documentary follows the story of how Mel D. Cole, one of hip-hop's most famous photographers, ended up in the Italian capital.