A unique way to experience the world cup

Travel to Colombia

Black Arrow and Everydayppl are partnering to bring you a unique travel experience like no other.  We're rolling deep to the beautiful country of Colombia during the country's most exciting time, the World Cup. 

June 22 - June 30, 2018

Soccer is life in Colombia. Come kick it with a large, group of diverse creatives, professionals, and other soccer enthusiasts all interested in one thing, the World Cup. Live like a local on this 8-day trip filled with exciting experiences from food, culture, and music, to beaches and parties!

The Experience

  • Walking tour of historic, colonial Cartagena (including a history lesson about Cartagena’s role in the slavery trade) finishing with sunset at legendary Café del Mar

  • Take a boat ride from Cartagena to Isla del Pirata (Pirate Island) in El Parque Nacional Islas del Rosario, one of Colombia’s most beautiful and protected marine ecosystems, with crystal clear waters and panoramic views

  • Visit Santa Marta, a vibrant party town on the Caribbean coast and stay at la Villana, your own private hostel right in th heart of the city with your own private pool

  • Visit beautiful Minca, tucked away in the mountains above Santa Marta. Cool off with a dip in the natural pools and rivers in a spectacular mountain location

  • Take a private boat trip to one of the most beautiful and secluded beaches in Tayrona National Park where you can swim and snorkel on a secluded beach

  • Visit La Victoria coffee farm and taste some of the world’s best coffee right at the source

  • Visit ‘el barrio Pescadito’, where Colombia’s most famous soccer player Carlos Valderrama came up playing on the streets


Total: $1,420
Minimum payment: $350 (Due by February 23, 2018)


  • Ground Transport
  • Room and Board
  • Tours
  • Custom Soccer Jerseys (made with kids from Tiempo de Juego)
  • Group Activities
  • Social Impact Donation

An example of what we'll be doing -- a filmed trip Mixologi did during the 2014 World Cup, traveling through four countries to watch six games over a twelve-day period.


One of the world’s hottest new tourism destinations and was recently named #2 in the New York Times ’52 Places to Visit in 2018’, Colombia boasts some of the world’s most diverse landscapes, from sun-toasted Caribbean sands to coffee-strewn, emerald green mountains and a rich history from pre-Colombian times to the more recent Colonial past which have all influenced the country’s culture, customs and cuisine. It has the fourth-largest Black African population in the world after Brazil, the United States and Haiti.


Your trip will help raise money for Tiempo de Juego, a local non-profit using soccer to help underserved youth from the barrios of Santa Marta and Cartagena. You’ll get to see first hand how they use soccer to help underserved children, play a friendly game of soccer in their community and they’ll even teach you how to salsa.