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Black Arrow (FC) is a lifestyle brand that focuses on the intersection of soccer and black culture. We're building a community by creating new and engaging experiences around the game, AND SERVING AS A PLATFORM THAT CREATES CONTENT HIGHLIGHTING THE UNIQUE IMPACT AFRICANS AND THE WORLDWIDE DIASPORA HAVE ON THE SOCCER WORLD.  


 ...using this community as a vehicle to connect in with all cultures.


Why Black Arrow

Black Arrow was created to explore, capture, and highlight the specific narratives and insights resulting from the impact of black culture around the beautiful game. By creating this outlet, Black Arrow has attained massive growth within the span of 4 months -- reaching 55,000+ fans on Facebook. More importantly, Black Arrow is tapping into an audience that's been overlooked for quite some time, all while building a community of dedicated fans from across the world. Currently, our fans represent over 45 countries across the globe, and needless to say, we're just getting started. 


"the finest footballer ever produced by Kenya"
- Farayi Mungazi, BBC

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The following is a “proof of concept” and high-level framework of a film project we (Black Arrow) are offering to the right media outlet, sponsorship partner, or publisher to collaborate on with us on. This is an opportunity to tell an amazing story with us, while positively impacting the global soccer community in the process.  

Our goal is to tell this story in the best possible way while exposing the world to an unheralded legend. We are aiming to show the impact that soccer has on communities around the world and it's potential to bring together the most unlikely of characters.   

The following presents: a brief rundown on how this story unfolded organically, a rough edit of the beginnings of the project, and a "wishlist" for what is needed to complete the story in an intriguing and powerful way. The story is still alive and can be customized according to the partnering brand.


I. The Story: How Aaron Met Joe Kadenge

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Only two months after founding Black Arrow, Aaron Dolores touched down in Nairobi, Kenya (his very first time in Africa) on an unrelated assignment for a consulting project with Facebook. During an afternoon of riding around town in a cab sightseeing, he heard stories from the cab driver about Joe Kadenge, the most famous footballer in Kenyan history and a living legend. Amazingly, after a series of questions and inquiries, combined with a little fate and luck, Aaron found himself walking right into Joe Kadenge’s front door in the middle of his dinner, a mere hour after mentioning in passing that he would love to meet Joe someday.  

On the very last day Aaron was in Kenya, Joe agreed to sit down with him at Nairobi Stadium, the field Joe played at in 1955. At 82 years old, Joe had not been out of the house since ten months prior, when he fell sick. At the time, the whole country prepared to mourn his death, with even the President of Kenya paying him a visit.  

It is this meeting that sparked an unlikely friendship and bond that would eventually help Aaron discover an even deeper purpose for Black Arrow... to connect the world through soccer and create an impact.

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II. Joe Kadenge's Accolades


In his prime, when Kadenge had the ball, anything could happen. He was calm, he was focused, he was swift, he was thunder itself. The commentator did not have to explain what Kadenge was doing - all that mattered, all that you needed to know, all that anyone needed to know - is that Joe Kadenge had the ball. It meant lightning was about strike; it meant you were about to witness brilliance. He was reliable. He got things done. He scored! The commentators would say “KadengeNaMpiraaaaa” meaning “Kadenge with the ball” – KadengeNaMpira became synonymous with the world famous “gooooaaaallll!”

  • CWC Cricket World Cup SIA 2003 (Sports Ambassador)

  • Sports personality of the Year 2005

  • In 2010, invited by Fifa to represent East and Central Africa at the opening ceremony of the World Cup finals in South Africa.

  • In 2012, he was appointed the First Kenya Football Ambassador by the Football Kenya Federation (FKF)

  • Presidential honour - SS Silver Star

  • Presidential honour - OGW Order Grand Warrior

  • Born March 16th, 1935

  • In the 60s played for Maragoli United - held the record for the fastest goal scored in the Kenyan Premier League

  • Played at Abuluhya United (now AFC Leopards), winning the Kenyan Premier League in 1966.

  • Kenya Sports Hall of Fame - 1994 Sponsored by Coke

  • Distinguished Service Award - Kenyatta University 1995

  • In 2002, he managed the Kenya National Football team

  • Silver Award Council of East Central Football 2002


III. What We Filmed So Far

UPDATE: Joe Kadenge MEETS Thierry Henry


IV. 60th Anniversary of Manchester United's Plane Crash 


Serendipitously, the 60th anniversary of Manchester United's plane crash is approaching in February 2018. We believe the perfect ending to this story is to fly Joe Kadenge out to England to attend the game and ceremony and honor the players who died in the crash. Joe has been an unwavering fan and religious supporter of Man U for 60 years now, and has still never visited England, or had the opportunity to experience a game in person.  

We are specifically hoping to introduce Joe to Sir Bobby Charlton, English soccer legend and plane crash survivor. This is an opportunity to connect this project to the storied history of Manchester United and highlight the incredible impact the tragedy had on people from all over the world. 


V. What's Next

The story is still alive. Black Arrow is currently seeking partners and various outlets to finish the filming and complete the project. Take a look below at what the rest of the story will entail.


  • Current and former Kenyan Soccer players and broadcasters. 
  • Kenyan political historians.
  • Shep Messing - American soccer goalkeeper and current broadcaster who works as the lead analyst for New York Red Bulls matches on the MSG Network.
  • Filming Aaron’s interview about how he ended up meeting Joe, their current friendship, and how it has helped define the future of Black Arrow. 


  • Joe Kadenge flying to Manchester United's 60th  Anniversary ceremony of the Busby Babes.
  • Joe meeting English football Hall of Famer, Sir Bobby, survivor of the Manchester United plane crash. 


  • Thierry Henry will be in Kenya December 16th while on a project with Guinness to explore the passion that Africa has for soccer. We would like to film Joe meeting Henry.   
  • More B-roll of Kenya.

the story is still alive....

In conjunction with this project, we have a series of strategic relationships already in place, parallel marketing campaigns laid out, and the buzz of being the first soccer lifestyle brand in the world to focus on the intersection of soccer and black culture.

The potential viewership of the final result of this project is huge, given the demand for soccer related stories, relationships we have in place, and the global media markets this story touches from the United States, to Africa, finishing in England.

Interested in completing the Joe Kadenge story?

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